Rocky Point a destination for retirees


Many people dream of moving to a new location in retirement. When you are no longer tied to your job you can finally take off for a warmer climate, pursue your hobbies, or simply move closer to your grandchildren. Selecting a place to retire requires a great deal of thought and planning. Moving to a lower cost locale than where you live now can give your nest egg a much needed boost. consider places where the economy is growing and the unemployment rate is low. Make sure that any place you move to has quality health care facilities in case you need them. The ideal retirement spot should also have all the recreational activities you’ve been longing for including golf courses, a few lakes for fishing or ocen, and plenty of outdoor trails. Our Best Places to Retire can be find in the Shores of the Sea of ​​Cortez a warm water and white sand, with  the mountains, like Pinacate or deep in to Tequila Festival. We have also tracked down towns that are especially beachfront properties, resorts and villas, and histori. . Keep dreaming about how you would like to spend your retirement years. We will help you find a place that fits all your retirement lifestyle needs and your budget.

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