Welcome to Rocky Point!!!

Welcome to Rocky Point!!!

Welcome to Rocky Point!!!

Welcome to Rocky Point!!!

Welcome to Rocky Point!!!

Welcome to Rocky Point!!!

Welcome to Rocky Point!!!


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Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau applauds new avenue for collection of 2% hospitality tax


In a press conference held on Jan. 9th, the President of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV), Héctor Vázquez del Mercado, expressed his optimism that the 2013 collection of the official 2% hospitality tax would be done more efficiently as it will now be collected through the State Government rather than at the municipal level. With this step, they anticipate better results in collecting these resources during 2013, funds which are then used for promotional campaigns for the city.

He called on all business leaders of hotels, rental agencies, and companies that rent out homes or condominiums to fulfill their tax responsibilities on time, while helping with the promotion and tourism growth of Puerto Peñasco.  Vázquez del Mercado remarked that in previous years, reports have shown solely 30% of accommodation providers paid their taxes while 70% have evaded this obligation.  He is hopeful these statistics will turn around this year so the local Convention and Visitors Bureau can count on having the resources necessary to allow them to continue promoting tourism, as well as meet new commitments in 2013. New projects for this year include firming up commercial flights into the city, and the corresponding promotion that will entail in attracting new markets from the northern part of the US, increasing promotion directed toward national tourism, and continued promotion of Puerto Peñasco abroad

The OCV President expects a historical investment in tourism this year, in matching the OCV funds with those of the State and Federal government for an estimated total of 1.5 million dollars, which will reflect directly back on the influx of visitors to this area during 2013.  Vázquez del Mercado concluded by stating that 60% of the funds collected will be used for promoting Puerto Peñasco abroad, while 40% will be targeted to promote the city within national markets in Mexico.



City offers incentives to boost property tax payments (Jan. 2nd – March 31st)


City Treasury Office to Raffle-off 2013 Ford Escape among timely taxpayers

A 2013 model vehicle, valued at $324,400 pesos, among other prizes, will be raffled off by the Municipal Treasury among taxpayers who pay this year’s property taxes on time.

In addition, there will be a 10% discount on property taxes for those who pay prior to March 31st. These steps seek to provide incentives among the community in promoting a culture of paying this fiscal obligation.

Municipal treasurer, Alberto Rodríguez Parra, reported that taxpayers will receive a raffle ticket for each property code upon payment. This will allow people to participate in the raffle of the various prizes.
The pick-up to be raffled off is a 2013 S version Ford Escape, four-cylinder, automatic 6 speed transmission, electric front windows, floor console with two cupholders. It also has front and side airbags, four-wheel disc brakes, and electric rearview mirrors, as well as a perimeter alarm and anti-theft system, among other features.

Rodríguez Parra added further items to be raffled off among taxpayers who make their property payments on time include: three 42” plasma screen TVs, 2 ipads, 2 laptops, and 2 iphones. Along with the vehicle, all raffle items come to a total value of $400,000 pesos.

“Now more than ever, through offering these great prizes, we seek to provide incentives among taxpayers to pay their property taxes on time. This is the first occasion a pick-up of this type and value will be raffled off; we are speaking of an important amount,” he indicated.

The municipal official remarked as of Jan. 2nd, members from the Puerto Peñasco community can make their way to the Municipal Treasury office in order to pay their property taxes while taking advantage of discounts and guarantees offered in being a timely taxpayer.

Finally, he added, they will apply discounts of up to 80% on late fees and provide special attention to vulnerable groups including retirees and older individuals.



Puerto Peñasco Mayor meets with Mayors from Tucson and Prescott


As part of efforts to consolidate commercial, cultural and friendly relations, Puerto Peñasco mayor Gerardo Figuera Zazueta recently met with the mayors of Tucson and Prescott.

Both Tucson mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Prescott mayor Marlin Kuykendall committed to contribute to the development of Puerto Peñasco to help improve living conditions of families in Peñasco.

The mayors agreed upon the need to coordinate actions to make this region stronger and more efficient while taking advantage of opportunities offered in both Sonora and Arizona.

Mayor Figueroa first met with Tucson mayor Rothschild, congratulating him for his commitment of working hand in hand with the administration of Puerto Peñasco.  Figueroa then met with Prescott mayor Kuykendall, and they both agreed to strengthen commercial relationships and friendly ties between the two cities. Mayor Kuykendall concluded, “I have seen a notable change in Peñasco.”



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